Writer's Block: You're my best friend
my bets friend when i was younger was a girl name Mary-Michelle and Geraldine, we  were always together. people even thought we were sisters.  we put each other before anyone else, boys, other friends and sometimes even family. we don't really speak anymore because once i moved, we lost touch. I saw Mary-Michelle for the first time in 10 years last summer and she is now married with children. although we had not spoken or being close in a very long time, she told me that I was the last person who she ever got close to. I have several new best friends now but they are still very special to me and I will never forget them. 

BRASHA fanfic the beginning.... NEITHER EVER EXPECTED IT
 Chapter1: the beginning
you see it in Hollywood, see it on TV, it is all over the entertainment world..actors who end up falling in love which each other on the set of a movie or a TV show...but i am sure neither one of these two thought it would happen to them, let alone with who it would happened with...it was not only the furthers things from their minds but asked them a year ago, they would have said it was an impossibility.
Sasha and Brooke have known each other since they were very young, they went to school together and luck and perhaps faith allowed them to not only be best friends in real life but also play one on TV. the young girls did many of the things in real life that they did on their show together, shop, party, takes pictures together but neither one ever expected that one specific aspect of their made up world would ever collide with their real world. since they both attended Drama school at a young age, they were always told to always make sure that you separate your character and the real you because once it is blurred it can definitely have a significant impact on your life. for the longest time, this was never an issue for either one of the girls, I mean coronation is definitely not their first acting job and certainly was not going to be their last.
Brooke started on Coronation street 6 years ago and so far it has been going pretty well. although she is a constant on the show, she has not really being the focus on any story line, well that was true until now...Brooke was told the previous that she should expect too have her own story line and it would involve and love interest in someone of the same same sex...when she was first told she was excited although a bit apprehensive. she had never done any roles like that before but she was looking forward to the challenge, i mean she was train, this was work, she would be professional and finally, after being on the show for almost 5 years she was finally going to be someone more than Rosie's shadow on the show.
the writer and producer wanted to make sure that this story was well produced, written and finally put into effect. I mean not only was this going to be the first time they ever have a lesbian story on the history of coronation street but also this was important because this is sensitive topic all around the world at the moment. it had to be approach and done with care. they knew they wanted it to reflect the truth of the subject, yet keep it lighthearted. keep the audience intrigue while still educate and promote tolerance. in order to do that, they thought it would be best to keep all the key players involved in the decision aspect of this story line.
so when, Brooke was told they would like her to be involve in the casting of her love interest, the character of Sian, she was please especially since it would the first time she would get to experience that aspect of the entertainment business. To the shows surprised, the announce of this future story line, got a lot of buzz from all over so the pressure to make it happen was on and the pressure to do it well was off the radar. so many actresses came out for the casting class for Sian but nothing seemed right until...Sasha showed up...funny enough, she was not even interested in being in the show. Brooke kind of coerced her into coming as they were already friends just for fun. when the casting agent decided to take a break from seeing the different girls try out for the part, Brooke was in the hallway talking to Sasha, they were talking and laughing,not even about anything to do with the show at all but the the producers and agent took noticed immediately. well it is sufficient to say that the search for Sian ended there.
the chemistry between the two girls was unimaginable, they could not have created it even if they tried.

studying but not really
 I should be studying but I am here instead. I am trying to let go of my love and I decide to do it during finals, genius. 


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